solving unsolvable problems
In a long ago time there was a mighty king who had a problem larger than himself. In the village was a gigantic cornel-bark knot that no one had been able to move or undo. With this knot came a host of problems in the land – war, famine, poverty and unhappiness of every kind.

There was a prophecy which stated that if this knot could be undone then peace would arrive in their lands and the one to cut the knot would become the next ruler of the kingdom.

This seemed impossible as the kingdom had been struggling mightily for many years. Month after month the bark-knot hardened and became tighter and tighter.
Burly men snuck out at night in a contest to try to undo it. Each of them wanted to be a hero for the land but no amount of pulling, tugging, sweating or straining could undo the knot.

Until one day a brave young man from a far-away land came to visit the knot. He took a look at it and knew just what to do. He didn’t waste a single moment pulling, tugging or straining. He just took out his sword and in one fell swoop – SWOOSH - he cut the knot in two.

With just one stroke he fulfilled the prophecy for his reign and peace in the lands. No problem is truly unsolvable. We just need to step outside of the knot to see what else is possible.