the courage to go beyond
In the time of King Charles V of Spain, there existed at the Straits of Gibraltar, two large promontories called the Pillars of Hercules. The pillars bore the inscription Nec Plus Ultra - “there’s no more beyond,” which served as a warning to sailors and other travelers not to go beyond that point.

In this time period, the world was still largely believed to be flat, and some assumed sailing through the pillars would mean falling right off the edge of the earth.
King Charles had a wise personal advisor, an Italian doctor named Luigi Marliano who advised Charles to take on a new motto for his life, Plus Ultra – “there’s more beyond.” This motto served to give the King the strength and courage to ignore the ancient warning and go farther in his life.

Sometimes what seems like the end of our known world really isn’t. It takes courage of heart to go beyond the barriers to a new world.